Duplication instead of upgrading – the role of UNDP in Montenegro

UNDP and the Ministry of Finance have created a local finance portal – which is similar in purpose, appearance and way of presenting data to our portal on local budgets, My City, published in 2013.

If a different presentation had not already been made, it would have been more rational to continue working on My City portal – which we would gladly donate to the administration for maintenance and regular updating.

We are even more disappointed that it is not a different and better solution, but a similar site. New portal did not used all technical innovations that happened in the decade since we started creating My City, in order to interest citizens for this area and provide more detailed information.

We are worried about the role of the UNDP in Montenegro, which has stopped to be constructive and turns into competition with domestic NGOs, undermining their efforts and becoming a means of indirect Government interference in the work of NGOs.

We have two more portals, www.mojnovac.me and www.mojauprava.me, which we created with love and carefully maintained. We recommend them to the UNDP for download/copy/duplication, as well as inspiration for a conceptual design when begin to deal with these areas. On the other hand, we will continue to maintain and improve them all.

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