Discussing the repression of corruption in public procurement with the Police

Police efforts in cases concerning corruption in public procurement were discussed at the meeting – the first one in a series of meetings on the performance of repressive institutions in the fight against corruption in public procurement.

On November 6, Institute Alternative (IA) organised a meeting attended by representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Police Administration. 

During the closed meeting, we discussed the so far results of the Police Administration, current capacities for conducting investigations, and cooperation with the prosecution and other state bodies. Moreover, the focus of the conversation was on the obstacles to conducting effective investigations in this area and recommendations for improvement in the area.

As a result of the meeting, IA will prepare an overview of the Police’s results in the fight against corruption in public procurement.

The meeting was organised within the project „Procurement under the spotlight – making watchdogs work!“, funded with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Serbia and Montenegro, within the MATRA programme. The project aims to empower and motivate watchdogs to combat corruption and undue influence in public procurement.

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