Continuing Our Work in the OGP Operative Team

In accordance to the Regulation of procedure for cooperation between the bodies of state administration and non-governmental organizations, Dina Bajramspahić was once again appointed as the member of Operational Team in Open Government Partnership. She was also a member of the first Operational Team, established in 2012.

After the stagnation of work for a year and a half, on Wednesday, December 24, the new Operational team has been appointed, which will continue to work on activities in order to improve the accountability and transparency of the work of the Government in the context of this global initiative.

The new Operational Team is consisted of seven representatives of state administration as well as seven representatives of non-governmental organizations.

NGOs have been selected in accordance with special regulation which regulates the ways of cooperation between bodies of state administration and non-governmental organizations in Montenegro. The procedure presumed that after the public call announces, NGOs should have nominated their representatives. After that, the list of all candidates who meet the requirements for five fields of action defined by the call should have been published. The last stage had been choosing one representative for each field of the action.

The fields are as follow:

  1. Improving Public services
  2. Increasing the Public Integrity
  3. More effectively managing Public Resources
  4. Establishing more secure communities
  5. Increasing the corporate responsibility

The mission of Operational Team is:

  • To work on preparations and draft of the Second Action Plan in accordance with the principles of Open Government Partnership,
  • To evaluate and monitor the implementation of measures stipulated in Second Action Plan; to prepare and delivers quarterly reports on their work to the Government,
  • To promote the Open Government Partnership
  • To take actions on the transfer of the experience and the best international practice in order to achieve constructive cooperation between state and civil sectors, including the involvement of the citizens in public policies processes towards the creation of new social and economic values as well as improvement of the quality of life for the citizens of Montenegro.

The official decision on appointment is available here (in Montenegrin only)

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