Completed project “You4EU – Citizen participation 2.0”

The Project “You4EU – Citizen Participation 2.0” was implemented by Institute Alternative in collaboration with Belgrade Open School (Serbia), Access Info Europe (Spain), Gong (Croatia) and PiNA (Slovenia) from 1 September 2018 to 29 February 2020 and with the support of the European Union within the Europe for Citizens Programme.

The Project contributed to the improvement of citizen participation in policy development and implementation processes in the EU Member States (MS) and accession countries by increasing citizens’ understanding of their role and impact they can have in development of public policies.

The Project also encouraged discussion on various modalities of citizen participation, especially e-participation, in key national and EU developmental policies, as well as enriched the exchange of experiences between the EU MS and accession countries on important EU policies, enlargement process, and helped in combating Euroscepticism.

The project activities included 1,066 direct participants, while the information about the Project reached approximately 556,000 participants through social media, internet portals, newsletters, YouTube videos and promotional materials.

The overview of all the implemented activities could be found here. 

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