Comments, Objections and Suggestions on the Draft Law on Public Procurement

The Draft Law on Public Procurement makes certain steps towards alignment with EU directives regulating public procurement, especially in terms of introducing new procedures prescribed by directives. Also, procurement of small value is partially better regulated. We have highlighted the issue of poor regulation of this type of procurement in the currently valid law on several occasions.

Hereby, we primarily refer to introducing the obligation of collecting at least three offers for these procurements, as well as the obligation to publish tenders and invoices/contracts in an electronic newspaper. However, we see space for further improvement of the solutions proposed in the draft which are to regulate procurement of small value.

Also, there is still space in the current draft for additional improvements in the part regulating centralized procurement, public procurement planning, criteria for selecting the most economically advantageous offer, regulation of procurement in the area of ​​security and defense, as well as misdemeanor liability for violations of the Public Procurement Law.

When it comes to procurement in the area of security and defense, it is rather important to consider the Law on Internal Affairs, which is under preparation, in order for the Law on Public Procurement and the Law on Internal Affairs to be harmonized on time in the part dealing with regulation of this area.

IA Team

Download here Comments, Objections and Suggestions on the Draft Law on Public Procurement

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