Commentary on the draft Law on wages in the public sector

Institute Alternative (IA) in its 2008 analysis on wages and rewards policies in Montenegro’s public administration recommended that one legal act should regulate wages in regulatory bodies and local and state administration authorities. We thus support the decision of Ministry of Finance to draft the Law on wages of public sector employees, which would be equally applicable to the employees of state and local authorities, independent or regulatory bodies, and legal subjects majority owned by the state or municipality.

However, this document demonstrates some deficiencies and it is not completely aligned with legislation in the field.

In its comments to the Draft, the IA pinpoints the un-sustainability of certain provisions given that the status of all the employees covered by the document is not uniformly regulated. Also, calculation of wages for certain job positions is not consistent. The wage supplements are not regulated in a manner which would encourage the rewards of best performing employees.

Our entire comentary on the draft law can be found here (only in Montenegrin)

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