Commentary on Commission for Concessions’ 2010 report

Commission for Concessions’ 2010 report states that the register of concession contracts has been compiled. However, this is not the case because the Government itself states that the compiling of the registry is “in course”. Also, the report further states that the register will be published on the website of the Commission for Concessions as soon as possible. The deadline for making the registry available is not specified, nor is it stated that the Commission does not have a website.

Commission for Concessions produced a Report on activities for 2010, on 31 March 2011. Pursuant to the Article 16 of the Concessions Act, the Commission for Concessions is required to submit its annual reports to the Government, as well as to provide insight into the document to the Parliament and municipalities.

However, the report of the Commission for 2009 has not been published. The Commission was established in September 2009 and was supposed to prepare a report covering four months of work. In addition, from the adoption of the Concessions Act in January 2009, until the appointment of the Commission for Concessions in September 2009, activities from its jurisdiction were carried out by the Commission for Concessions and BOT arrangements.

During 2010, Commission for Concessions: 1) Discussed and approved to company “Tujko” expansion of research and exploitation of territory “Rudine in Nalježići, Municipality of Kotor, 2) Rejected a complaint about the violation of law submitted by the company “Bondtech Corporation Somerset KY USA” as a potential investor for the financing, construction and medical waste management in Montenegro, after which the company filed a complaint to the Constitutional Court, which was also rejected, 3) Approved the extension of the rights of the company “Šišković” for the exploitation of stone form the base “Visočica”; 4) Formed a working group to review documents in connection with the application of AD “Department for the construction of Bar” on the extension of rights to exploit the technical and building stone from the base “Velji Zabio”.

On 03 September 2009, the Government appointed the Commission for Concessions. Its members are: Mr Slobodan Perović (President, Ministry of Economy), Dr Radonja Minić (Member, Ministry of Economy), prof. Miodrag Bulatović (Member, Parliament of Montenegro), Vuk Božović (Member, Parliament of Montenegro), Tamara Gačević (Member, Ministry of Finance), Zoran Radonjić (Member, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management), Velimir Perišić (member, Union of Municipalities), Zoran Vulević (member, Association of Employers).

Jovana Marović
Research Coordinator

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