Assembly of the NGO Coalition – Cooperating Towards Goal

Stevo Muk, president of the managing board at Institute alternative, took part in the work of the Assembly of the NGO Coalition – Cooperating Towards Goal. During the discussion, Muk gave suggestions for more intensive communication within the Coalition, the renewal and expansion of Coalition membership, more efficient functioning and collecting the necessary funds for the regular functioning of the Coalition.

During the discussion he pointed out the need to carefully analyze the scope of application of the Law on NGO’s regarding the financing of projects of NGO’s in the decentralized system (through public calls for financing, announced by Ministries) in 2018.

In the discussion, it was emphasized that the Coalition in 2018 succeeded in  to ensure, by public pressure, that the Government of Montenegro in accordance with the Law on Non-Governmental Organizations, announces a public call for co-financing projects supported by the European Union.

NGO Coalition – Cooperating Towards Goal,   has been acting since 2006 as the most numerous coalition of NGOs in Montenegro, with the aim of improving the legal, political and financial framework for the work of non-governmental organizations.

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