Annual report and the Comments of the NGO coalition for monitoring negotiations in Chapter 23

Institute Alternative is a member of the Coalition of 16 NGOs for monitoring the accession negotiations with the EU under Chapter 23 – Judiciary and Fundamental rights. The aim of the Coalition is to contribute to monitoring of the field of judiciary, fight against corruption, fundamental rights, and cooperation of state authorities with civil society organizations, based on the analysis of the realized measures in the process of negotiations and defining recommendations for improvement of the situation in these areas.

Within the Coalition, Institute Alternative monitors the following areas: work of the Parliament of Montenegro, free access to information, public procurement, public-private partnerships and concessions, public finance, and the rights of citizenship of the European Union. We are co-editors of the chapter “The fight against corruption” of the Coalition’s published reports.

Up to now, the Coalition published the semi-annual and the annual report on monitoring the negotiation process within Chapter 23.

The annual report is available here (in Montenegrin)

Furthermore, the Coalition prepared the joint Commentary on the first published Report on Implementation of Action Plan for Chapter 23– Judiciary and Fundamental Rights.

Commentary on the first published Report on Implementation of Action Plan for Chapter 23, published on February 4, 2014, is available here (in Montenegrin)

In addition, we announce that in April 2014, the Coalition will publish its second semi-annual Situation Report in the Area of Judicial Reform and Human Rights Reform for the period October 2013 – April 2014, with recommendations that will focus on improving the content of the Action Plan, especially in regard to defining measurable indicators of success in the area of judicial reform, fight against corruption, human rights and cooperation with civil society organizations.

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