Announcement: Five stars of transparency for the Institute Alternative

For a third year in a row, Institute Alternative was awarded with five stars for the transparency of its finances, according to the research conducted by the non-profit organization Transparify

IA transparify logoThe report published today, as during previous years, included Montenegro where Institute Alternative was awarded with five stars for transparency, together with the Center for Democratic Transition (CDT). Therefore, we were ranked among prestigious research centers, such as Bruegel and International Crisis Groups from Belgium and Amnesty International from Great Britain.

“The report enables citizens, journalists and decision-makers to identify those research centers that are devoted to integrity and transparency of research and advocacy of public policy. At the same time, the report points to those organizations that are funded behind closed doors”, the report emphasized.
A total number of 200 research centers that this year’s research encompassed, were ranked on a scale from 0 to 5 according to the transparency of their financing. Those centers that have gotten five stars allow the public to see clear and detailed information on who they are financed by, with how much money and for which activities, and they can therefore serve as an example that should be looked upon.

Transparify is an international initiative, started in 2014 and inspired by the fact that research centers from all over the world play a greater role in public policy shaping and public debates.

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