Announcement: Consultative meeting of the civil society and State auditors

On Monday, March 9th, we are organizing the first meeting with the representatives of the civil society and State Audit Institution (SAI), two actors who, in our opinion, have similar goal but different methods of achieving it.

The working title of the meeting is “Cooperation between the civil society and State Audit Institution – Together on the same task”.

The idea is that we as the representatives of the civil society, who monitor various areas of the public administration, point out to the representatives of SAI what should be their priority in the following period of time as well as which institutions or public policies should be the subjected to their control.

SAI is currently working on its communication strategy, so this will be a useful opportunity to talk with them about steps which they should take in the nest period in order to improve the cooperation with the civil society organizations (CSO), media and public relations.

The event objectives:

  • To meet the civil society organizations with the role of the SAI in the system of the control of the public finances,
  • To meet representatives of SAI with the work of most active CSOs and the areas of the public administration that they consider as the most problematic, in order to draw attention of the of the State auditors to those issues,
  • That SAI gains information from the CSOs which could be useful in further formulating or amending the Annual Audit plan,
  • To introduce new elements for the future communication strategy for SAI.

What do we expect from the representatives of SAI:

  • To present the work and the role of the SAI to the representative of the CSO,
  • To present the way how SAI chooses who will be subjected to the audit,
  • To present the work on the communication strategy of SAI and changes they would like to see in their relation to media, NGOs and the public.

What do we expect from the representatives of the civil society:

  • To suggest which spending units or public policies should be the center of the attention of SAI in the next period,
  • To suggest what should SAI do in order to strengthen the cooperation between the CSO and media (to suggest elements for the communication strategy of SAI),
  • To present their experiences in the use of reports of SAI and to suggest ideas for monitoring recommendations.

For all additional information about the event, please contact Marko Sošić, the project coordinator, via e-mail address or phone number 067 239 807.

The meeting is the part of the project “Together towards accountability – strengthening the impact of the state audit in Montenegro”. The goal of the project is to increase the level of the implementation of SAI’s recommendations, as well as strengthening ties with between the SAI and the Parliament of Montenegro, civil society organizations and internal auditors in the public sector.

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