10th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention against corruption

Our researcher, Dina Bajramspahić, participated on Regional Anti-Corruption Conference for South Eastern European Countries held in Sarajevo, 9-10 December.

Regional Anti-Corruption Conference for South Eastern European Countries held in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina premises to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the adoption and opening for signature of the United Nations Convention against corruption (UNCAC).

The Conference is organized by UNODC and the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in partnership with the Regional Center for Europe and CIS of UNDP in Bratislava and the European Commission. The objective of the Conference is to review anti-corruption efforts, policies and strategies in the South Eastern European states, enhance information exchange and dissemination of good practices among the participants and identify areas for improvement of anti-corruption action, as well as capacity building needs, technical assistance and means to enhance prevention of corruption. This event brought together more than 100 relevant participants, representatives of national delegations from a number of state institutions, as well as representatives of the international expert organizations.

Topics of the conference, among else, included:

  • The International Anti-Corruption Day and its meaning and symbolism for the region,
  • The implementation of the UNCAC in the region,
  • Preventive policies against corruption,
  • Monitoring and assessment of anti-corruption policies,
  • Strengthening the criminal justice and law enforcement anti-corruption responses in the region.

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