Workshop on transparency of Parliaments

Milena Milosevic represented our organization at the regional workshop on transparency of parliaments of Western Balkan countries and their cooperation with civil society organizations.

The workshop was organized in the period between November 6 and 8 in Casta-Papiernicka, Slovakia, by National Democratic Institute (NDI), non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen democratic institutions across the globe, and the National Council of the Slovak Republic.

Milena Milosevic represented in front of the Institute Alternative (IA) experiences of our organization in cooperation with the Parliament of Montenegro, especially with regard to the possibility of attendance and participation at the committee’s sessions, clarity of the Internet presentation of the Parliament, and other forms of communication with MPs and professional service.

Representatives of the parliaments and civil society organizations from Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic also took part at the workshop.
They presented successful practices of monitoring the parliamentary work to the colleagues from the Western Balkans.

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