Workshop: Media reporting on the work of the State Audit Institution

With the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Institute Alternative held a workshop on “Reporting on the work of the State Audit Institution”. The workshop was as an opportunity for exchanging views on ways to achieve better and more effective cooperation between the SAI and the media and civil society.

The workshop was opened by Stevo Muk, President of the Managing Board and Mr. Miroslav Ivanisevic, President of the Senate of SAI. Speakers were Branislav Radulovic, PhD and a member of the Senate of the SAI and Jadranka Rabrenović, editor of the economic section of the daily newsapapers “Dan”.

The participants were representatives of the media interested in issues of control of the budget and government auditing.

The aim of the workshop was to reach a better understanding of the SAI’s work, exchange of views and experiences in the use of the audit report. The intention of the Institute was to promote this event through dialogue between the SAI and the media, to highlight potential problems in their cooperation, as well as possible ways of solving them in the future, i.e mechanisms to achieve better cooperation.

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