Video: Why are we against proposed changes of the Law on Free Access to Information

Institute Alternative is one of 44 organisations demanded that Government give up on proposed Law on Amendments to the Law on Free Access to Information

We demand from Government and Ministry of Public Administration to give up on proposed changes of the Law on Free Access to Information. Proposed changes introduce new restrictions and drastically reduce the transparency of institutions, contrary to international standards.

This is the list of signatories of the open letter:

  1. Network for Affirmation of NGO Sector – MANS
  2. NGO Human Rights Action – HRA
  3. NGO Institute Alternative – IA
  4. NGO The Centre for Monitoring and Research – CEMI
  5. NGO Center for Democratic Transition – CDT
  6. Center for Investigative Journalism of Montenegro – CIN-CG
  7. NGO 35 mm
  8. Association of Professional Journalists of Montenegro
  9. NGO Centre for Democracy and Human Rights – CEDEM
  10. NGO Center for Civil Liberties – CEGAS
  11. Politikon Network
  12. Environmental Movement OZON
  13. NGO Center for Protection and Research of Birds – CZIP
  14. NGO Green home
  15. NGO Expeditio
  16. Organisation KOD
  17. NGO Media Centre
  18. NGO Women’s Rights Center – CŽP
  19. NGO Women’s Safe House – SŽK
  20. NGO Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro – UMHCG
  21. Association of Paraplegics of Montenegro
  22. NGO Montenegrin Ecologists Society
  23. NGO Breznica
  24. Durmitor Development Centre
  25. MJSJA – Dr. Martin Schneider – Jacoby Association
  26. NGO Eco Team
  27. NGO Anima
  28. NGO Workers from Bankrupt Companies in Montenegro
  29. Foundation “HELP – Action for North of Montenegro”
  30. NGO Institute for Business and Financial Literacy
  31. Hand of Friendship Foundation
  32. NGO Our Action
  33. NGO Multimedial Montenegro – Mmne
  34. NGO Hand to Hand
  35. NGO Association for implementation of rights – UZIP
  36. NGO Brain
  37. NGO Viva vita
  38. NGO Circle of Life
  39. NGO Hope
  40. NGO Center for Entrepreneurship
  41. Network for education and development of support services for persons with disabilities – MERSP
  42. NGO Media team
  43. NGO Network for Change
  44. Trade Union of Montenegrin Physicians

Read the open letter here. 

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