Towards the merit system in the Montenegrin administration

Law on Civil Servants and State Employees and Law on Local Self-Governments are two crucial acts which will influence further course of the Public Administration Reform in Montenegro.

Although the Draft laws determined by the Government, offer solutions that represent a positive shift in relation to the existing legal framework and practice, further improvements are needed in order for these regulations to substantially answer to the request for establishing a merit system in our administration.

Within the project “Civil Society for Good Governance: To Act and Account!”, funded by the European Union, Civil Society Facility and the Balkans Democracy Trust (BTD), the project of the German Marshall Fund (GMF), Institute Alternative prepared comments and recommendations for the improvement of these important legal texts and sent them to the MPs before the deliberation in the Parliament.

IA Recommendations to the Draft Law on Civil Servants and State Employees and Draft Law on Self-Government

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