Towards more transparent transfers at local level

How transparent are social transfers in our local municipalities? How much money is allocated to individuals, institutions, NGOs and public sector at local level? How responsible are our local municipalities while controlling these transfers?

These are some of the issues we are dealing with in election year, through our online portal for local budgets, Moj grad.

Through project activities in one year period, and cooperation with our local municipalities, we will attempt to strengthen transparency of these expenses.
In 2014, our local municipalities paid almost 36 million € for various transfers, while the insight in more detailed analyses of these expenses is almost impossible.

Online portal Moj Grad, which purpose is to make local budgets more available, more visible and more clear to our citizens, and local municipalities more responsible for budget spending, will be enhanced with new components, referring to local transfers, by the end of the year.

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Donator of the project is (Governmental) Commission for Allocation of Revenues from the Games of Chance.

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