Third Regional Training on investigating police corruption

Our researchers, Marko Sošić and Dina Bajramspahić participated in the third training on investigating corruption in the police forces organized by the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF). The topic was: “Evaluation of Research results” and it gathered representatives of civil society organizations dealing with security issues in the Western Balkans.

The workshop was held in Sofia (Bulgaria), June 13-14 and it was hosted by the Bulgarian Centre for the Study of Democracy (CSD).

Some of the topics that were elaborated through 8 sessions:

  • Evaluation instruments: Risk Assessment (risk assessment for corruption)
  • Comparative practice: tackling corruption at the Romanian Ministry of Interior;
  • Case study as a methodological approach;
  • Evaluation of anti-corruption strategies and how to apply best practices in order to improve the Police Integrity;
  • Corruption prevention;
  • Investigating corruption at border crossings;
  • Corruption risks in public procurement for the police;
  • Challenges in investigating police corruption in the Western Balkans.

In addition to the capacity building, through this project DCAF provided mentorship in analysis of police corruption development to the civil society organizations participating in the program.

The Institute alternative research results on the effects of the Government of Montenegro strategic activities in tackling corruption within the police will be published by August 31.

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