Statement for RFE on the appointment Anti-corruption Agency’ Council Members

Ana Đurnić, public policy researcher at Institute Alternative commented the appointment of the Anti-Corruption Agency’s Council Members. She finds problematic the opinion of the Commission for evaluation of candidates that 11 out of 12 candidates do not fulfil conditions for appointment, since they did not pass the professional exam for work in the state administration.

Đurnić stated that Commission is performing “legal gymnastics” in order to find unjustified excuses to prevent the appointment of certain people to that Council.

“The Commission is imposing the condition which is not to be found in the Law on Civil Servants and State Employees and Law on Prevention of Corruption, nor in the public call for the candidates for the Council members”, Đurnić stated.

She pointed out that members of the Commission for appointing the members of the Council, Anti- Corruption Committee and all the MPs in the Parliament should now focus on professionally evaluating the candidates based on their credibility, independence, professionalism and experience in fight against corruption.

Full audio is available bellow, starting from 10:30.

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