”Social Card” published in the scientific magazine of the Social Workers’ Society of Serbia

“Social Card, Social Welfare Information System in Montenegro – High Hopes?”, our policy brief (concise policy paper), is published integrally in the magazine of Association of Social Workers of Serbia.

Editor in chief of the magazine “Social Policy and Social Work” is Ana Čekerevac, PhD, while the Editorial Board consists of: Mira Lakićević, PhD, Milorad Milovanović, PhD, Miodrag Tasić, Marija Stanojćić-Sraka, Biljana Zekavica, MSc and Sanja Kljajić.

The objective of our analysis is to indicate on the expected outcomes and challenges of establishing the social welfare information system and offer recommendations for improvement of further implementation of this project, partly relying on the analysis of comparative practice of countries in the region.

Socijalni karton

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