Public-private partnerships at the local level

Panel discussion on the risks for corruption in public-private partnerships at the local level in Montenegro was organized in Budva on 27 November 2013. This event is part of the project “Corruption at the local level – zero tolerance!” which is implemented by the Center for Civic Education (CCE) in cooperation with the Institute Alternative, NGO Bonum and NGO NADA. Jovana Marovic, Research Coordinator at the Institute Alternative, and Boris Maric, Senior Legal Adviser at the Center for Civic Education, in their presentations, reviewed the institutional arrangements in local governments for the implementation of public-private partnerships, as well as the existing problems in practice and the risks of corruption in this area.

On behalf of the Municipality of Budva, Miodrag Markovic, Head of the Office for Combating Corruption and Vesna Madrapa, Adviser in the Secretariat for Spatial Planning and Development, also had short presentations. Panel was attended by local officials, employees, members of the local assembly, NGO representatives and citizens.

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