Public Opinion Poll: Average Grade for Services at the Local Level

Citizens mostly use municipal services, but they think that the quality of local administration services is not particularly good.

According to the public opinion poll conducted by IPSOS agency for Institute Alternative, within our project “Civil Society for Good Governance: to Act and Account!“, citizens provided a 5 for municipal services, on a scale from 1 to 10.

According to the research, out of the total number of respondents, every fourth citizen had experience with local administration, and citizens mostly used municipal services.

Despite the average grade that municipal services obtained, 17% of citizens  who have had experience with a local administration have an extremely negative attitude when it comes to public administration services.

Citizens from the southern region, gave a better rate to the quality of services at the local level. On the other hand, citizens with the highest level of education are in majority and consider that the service delivery at the local level degraded (24%).

Even though the number of citizens who have small, medium or great trust in local administration is bigger, in relation to those who have very little trust (18%), the perception among the unemployed is rather negative. Namely, the unemployed have little or no trust at all in local administration (52%).

The goal of Institute Alternative and of “Our Administration“ network, consisting of NGOs that we established within this project, was to additionally put to light the attitudes towards public services at the local level. The reason for doing so is because the public administration reform is often reduced to state administration reform, while the key data on municipalities that provide services immediately linked to the citizens are lacking.

Data collection, conducted by IPSOS Agency, took place between 10 to 16 of February 2017. Within the quantitative research, 1.027 citizens of Montenegro aged 18 or more took part in the public opinion poll.

The project “Civil Society for Good Governance: to Act and Account!“ is implemented by Institute Alternative in cooperation with Centre for Investigative Reporting and NGOs Bonum, Natura and New Horizon, with the support of the European Union.

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