Press release: Urgently stop the persecution of Vanja Ćalović

NGO Coalition “By Cooperation To the Goal”, which in addition to the Institute Alternative gathers another 100 NGOs from Montenegro, has called upon the Constitutional Court to suspend enforcement of the judgment of the High Court by which is the director of MANS Vanja Ćalović has been ordered to publish the judgment in a dispute with Vladimir Popović in all media outlets in Montenegro and Serbia.

This judgment represents the persecution of NGO activist because by creating a disproportionate obligation for Vanja Ćalović, from which the bailiff requests to pay 25,000 Euros in advance, at the expense of publishing the judgment in all media in Montenegro and Serbia.

Given the fact that thousands of media operate in Montenegro and Serbia, it is clear that this judgment intends to destroy the livelihood of Vanja Ćalović, since it is not known what is the final amount necessary for execution of the judgment in its entirety.

If the Constitutional Court does not respond immediately and suspend the execution of the judgment of the High Court, the conclusion will be that the entire judicial apparatus has joined the persecution of NGO activist.

Instead of justice for the victim of an unprecedented campaign, the court continues with the prosecution.

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