Policy Forum – panel discussion Montenegro: Five years after the restoration of independence

Center for Monitoring and Institute Alternative are organizing a panel discussion “Montenegro: Five years after the restoration of independence,“ which will be held on Wednesday, 25 May 2011, starting 18h. Panelists will include Mr. Branko Lukovac, Mr. Miodrag Vuković, Mr. Goran Danilović and Mr. Velizar Kaluđerović. Panel discussion moderator will be Nedjeljko Rudović. The venue of the event is the Press Centre (Josipa Broza 23A Street, Stari aerodrom).

Panel discussion: “Montenegro: five years after the restoration of independence” marks the beginning of the work of the POLICY FORUM, which will periodically organize panel discussion on current topics of social life in Montenegro.

About panel discussion – link

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