Personal Responsibility for Human Rights Violation to be Determined

The joint letter addressed to Ivica Stanković, the Chief State Prosecutor, was sent by 9 NGOs, including ours, appealing to determine personal responsibility of the police officers and officials from the Prosecutor’s office who violated the human right to privacy of the employees of NGO MANS.

The occasion was the final verdict of the Basic Court in Podgorica, which found that the employees of the Police and Prosecution, have abuse the authority and violated the several laws and several provisions of the Constitution of Montenegro and therefore, violated the civil rights of employees in MANS with unlawful interrogations, illegal surveillance of electronic communication and disclosure of IP addresses from which the video recording of the weddings of Safet Kalic, the narcotrafficker was posted, although criminal proceedings were never initiated against any of the employees in MANS in this regard.

We have requested from the Chief State Prosecutor to, without any delay, determine the personal responsibility of all individuals who have committed these unlawful acts, those who have ordered them and those who have not sanctioned aforementioned individuals although they had to be aware of these acts.

Our joint letter in its entirety can be found here.

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