Pejović must be given police protection

We express serious concern for security of Slobodan Pejović, a public witness of war crime of deportation of refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina from Montenegro to Republika Srpska Armed Froces in the year of 1992.

Montenegrin civic sector reacted regarding previous 10 assaults on Pejović, but the Montenegrin police and judiciary did not undertake appropriate measures and actions in order to form, with his consent, an effective system of protection. Also, there are clear indications that the life of Pejović is endangered.

Protection of Slobodan Pejović represents a test of functionality and responsibility of the key state institutions, and as such it must be treated with the highest priority. His protection would send a clear message to crime victims: that the crimes shall never be forgoten and that the justice is reachable for victims.

Bearing in mind the importance of this process for facing the past as the precondition of sustainable regional cooperation, we appeal to the competent bodies in Montenegro to, without any further delay, define and apply an appropriate model of protection for the citizen Pejović. Chosen model must convince him, his family and the entire public into serious intentions of the State concerning protection of his life and integrity. At the same time, that will be a clear message to the regional public that Montenegro wants and can face its role in the wars at the territory of the former SFRY, without which is no European future for the region.

Human Rights Action, Podgorica, Montenegro
ANIMA, Kotor, Montenegro
Bosniak Council of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro
Centre for Civic Education, Podgorica, Montenegro
Centre for Monitoring – CEMI, Podgorica, Montenegro
Centre for Development of NGOs, Podgorica, Montenegro
European Movement in Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro
Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Podgorica, Montenegro
Institute Alternative, Podgorica, Montenegro
Women League of Voters, Niksic, Montenegro
International Forum Montenegro, Niksic, Montenegro
OKC Juventas, Podgorica, Montenegro
Shelter, Podgorica, Montenegro
Association of Citizens of Bukovica, Pljevlja, Montenegro
Association of Lawyers of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro

Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, Belgrade, Serbia
Centre for Communication Justice, Paracin, Serbia
Centre for Human Rights Nis, Serbia
Centre for Peace and Democracy Development, Belgrade, Serbia
Centre for Women support, Kikinda, Vojvodina, Serbia
Centre for Development of Civic Society, Zrenjanin, Vojvodina, Serbia
Centre for Regionalism, Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia
Humanitarian Law Fund, Belgrade, Serbia
Fraktal, Belgrade, Serbia
Civic Action, Pancevo, Vojvodina, Serbia
Civic Fund “Panonija”, Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia
Civic Initiatives, Belgrade, Serbia
Hearefakt Fund, Beograd, Serbia
Helsinki Committee for protection of human rights, Belgrade, Serbia
Helsinki Committee for human rights, Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia
Impulse, Tutin, Serbia
Impunity Watch, Belgrade, Serbia
Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Belgrade, Serbia
Kikinda Club, Kikinda, Serbia
Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM), Belgrade, Serbia
Cultural Centre DamaD, Novi Pazar, Serbia
Independent Association of Yournalists of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia
Human Rights Committee Leskovac, Serbia
Open Lyceum, Sombor, Vojvodina, Serbia
Ravan Grad, Sombor, Serbia
Sandzak Human Rights Committee, Novi Pazar, Serbia
Association of Women Pescanik, Krusevac, Serbia
Urban – In, Novi Pazar, Serbia
Green network of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia
Women in Black, Belgrade, Serbia

Community Building Mitrovica, Kosovo
Humanitarian Law Fund, Pristina, Kosovo
SMART, Vucitrn, Kosovo
TOP GROUP, Vucitrn, Kosovo
Association of families of victims „22 Maji“, Vucitrn, Kosovo

B.a.b.e, Zagreb, Croatia
Centre for Civic Initiatives, Porec, Croatia
Centre for Peace Studies, Zagreb, Croatia
Centre for peace, non-violence and human rights, Osijek, Croatia
Centre for women victims of war – ROSA, Zagreb, Croatia
Dolphin, Pakrac, Croatia
Documenta – Centre for dealing with past, Zagreb, Croatia
Civic Committee for Human Rights, Zagreb, Croatia
Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Zagreb, Croatia
Miramida Centre, Grožnjan, Croatia
Association for protection of human rights and civic freedoms “HOMO”, Pula, Croatia

Centre for youth information decontamination, Banja Luka, Bosna and Herzegovina
Forum of Citizens of Tuzla, Tuzla, Bosna and Herzegovina
Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Republic of Srpska, Bijeljina, Bosna and Herzegovina
Youth Initiative for Human Rights in BH, Sarajevo, Bosna and Herzegovina
Association of PW Detainees of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Bosna and Herzegovina
Association of BH journalists, Sarajevo, Bosna and Herzegovina
Association of families of deported refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina from Montenegro, Sarajevo, Bosna and Herzegovina

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