Parliamentary oversight of the defense and security sector: What next?

The aim of this paper is to present the key provisions of the applicable legal regulations, strategic and other documents relating to the work of institutions that belong to the defense and security sector in Montenegro. Furthermore, to present recommendations for improving the applicable legal and institutional framework and to encourage public and professional debate.

With this analysis, Institute Alternative wants to contribute to the development of democratic and civilian control of the security sector, provide a contribution to the work of the competent Committee and legislators whose work relates to legislation and policy in the area of defense and security.

This analysis does not have the ambition to provide a comprehensive overview of the practice of democratic and civilian control of defense and security sector, but to draw attention to key issues, problems and dilemmas that occur as a result of the existing legal framework and practice.

The methodology of the work included analysis of legal regulations, comparative analysis of the solutions from the existing legislation and that in parliamentary procedure, collecting official documents through requests for free access to information, interviews with members of the Montenegrin Parliament’s Committee for Defense and Security.

This document addresses responsible persons in the Public Administration that have jurisdiction in the affairs of defense and security, members of the Committee for Defense and Security along with all MPs and interested international, governmental and non-governmental organizations and media.

We expect this analysis to encourage a more competent and intense public and professional debate concerning an important issue for further development of democracy and human rights, accountability and transparency of public institutions.

This analysis represents an introduction into the further work of Institute Alternative on specific issues of defense and security sector oversight.

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