On the work of inspectorates and the coordination mechanisms in the countries of the region

The cross-section of the work of seven inspectorates in Montenegro and the inspections coordination mechanisms in Croatia and Serbia were the topic of the second meeting we held within the framework of the project Inspections without protection: Allies in the fight against corruption.

On March 27, Institute Alternative organised the second meeting of representatives of inspection bodies, civil society, the judiciary and other institutions in charge of preventing corruption.

At the meeting, we presented an analysis of the work of seven inspection bodies whose work we monitor as part of the project. The analysis includes inspections that operate within the Administration of Inspection Affairs – Labour Inspectorate, Public Procurement Inspectorate and Health and Sanitary Inspectorate, and inspectorates that are part of the ministries (Administrative Inspectorate, Budget Inspectorate, State Property Inspectorate, Urbanism and Spatial Planning Inspectorate).

During the second part of the meeting, experts from Croatia and Serbia presented different work models and coordination of inspection bodies, especially from the aspect of strengthening integrity and anti-corruption mechanisms.

The aim of the meeting was to deepen the discussion about the current situation, the future direction of regulation of inspection supervision and adaptation of the legal framework to a more effective role of inspections in the fight against corruption.

The meeting was organised within the framework of the project Inspect to Protect: Turning Inspectorates Into Anti-Corruption Allies supported by the Embassy of the United States in Montenegro, the State Department’s Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).

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