On European Topics for Radio of Montenegro

Our Dina Bajramspahić, public policy researcher, was a guest in the show dedicated to European topics. The show was broadcasted on 6.11.2020. at Radio of Montenegro.

Among the other things, she answered the following questions:

  • Is the proposed model of expert Government a good, sustainable and expected solution?
  • Will European integrations be overshadowed if it is seen that the Government has a lot of work to do – in the first place maintenance of the economy due to the pandemic?
  • What should be the first move of the new Government when it comes to the negotiations with the European Union (EU)?
  • Would it be a more functional and useful to re-form the department for European Affairs, since we have the European Integration Office for now?
  • Does the EU have time to deal with the admission of new members, in addition to the accelerated pandemic of virus?
  • How can the outcome of the elections in the United States affect our region? How much will the Western Balkan be the focus of the new administration?

Answers on current topics and ongoings in Montenegro, the European Union, but also the world, listen here:

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