Monitoring of Public Procurement – Good Practices

Research coordinator, Jovana Marović, participated today at the workshop on monitoring of public procurements, organized by SIGMA.

She presented Institute alternative’s one year research and recently published publication called ‘Procurements in Montenegro: corruption within legal framework’, and also pointed out numerous issues and irregularities in implementation of the Law, restrictive to transparency.

  • Not publishing individual reports of contracting authority liable to Law on Public Procurement;
  • The lack of precise information on the number of contract annexes concluded on yearly bases;
  • Publishing only certain violations of Law at the sample level, made by Public Procurements Administration;
  • The lack of equal implementation of legal solutions;
  • Poor control over public procurement procedures and concluded contracts;
  • The lack of evidence on responsible officials of ceratin violations of the Law.

Besides Jovana, the event included other participants, such as Representatives of Transparency International Slovakia, SIGMA, Public Procurement Administration etc.

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