Ministry of Public Administration to urgently announce the call for co-financing of EU projects

Coalition Cooperating Towards Goal, which consists of 100 NGOs, urges the Ministry of Public Administration (MPA) to announce a call for co-financing projects and programmes of NGOs funded from EU funds in swift procedure, thus fulfilling its legal obligation.

The Government of Montenegro has adopted the Regulation on the procedure and manner of co-financing projects and programmes supported from funds of European Union, and it was published in the Official Gazette of Montenegro No. 64/2018.

We remind, the Government was obliged to adopt this Regulation back in January this year, but it did so with a delay of eight months. This can not be the reason neither for the call for co-financing projects not to be published in this year, nor for not fulfilling that legal obligation. Beneficiaries of projects and programmes of NGOs should not bear the consequences due to the Government’s delay in carrying out its affairs.

We expect the MPA to announce a call in an urgently in order to complete the co-financing process of projects and programmes financed from EU funds by the end of the calendar year.

If the call is not announced, we will be convinced that the Government postponed the adoption of the Regulation with clear intention, so that it would not allocate funds for this purpose in this year, thus complicating the implementation of projects, as well as a work of non-governmental organisations.

Given that these are EU funded projects, the Coalition of NGOs will inform the EU Delegation to Montenegro about this request, as it was the case with similar requests.

The Coalition of NGOs Cooperating  Towards  Goal currently gathers 100 non-governmental organisations from all over Montenegro and represents the largest organised NGO coalition in Montenegro.

Ana Novaković, President of the Management Board

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