Last Assault of DPS on the Independence of RTCG

We inform the national and international public that Administrative Committee of Parliament of Montenegro continues illegal action in proceedings that are being led towards members of Council of RTCG, exactly in the manner that we warned in our statement from 5 October 2017.

Administrative Committee called upon the member of the Council, Goran Djurovic, to declare himself on all circumstances in relation to the fact that he violated Article 11 and 13 of Law on Prevention of Corruption in the next Committee session, scheduled for 27 December 2017.

We remind that Agency for Prevention of Corruption indisputably ascertained that Goran Djurovic is not in the conflict of interest, which may represent the only legally founded basis for further proceeding of the Administrative Committee in this case. Additionally, Administrative Committee has jurisdiction for application of the Law on National Public Broadcaster Radio and Television of Montenegro, which Goran Djurovic has not violated, and which is also indisputably ascertained in the Decision of Agency for Prevention of Corruption.

Despite the official decision of the Agency, meaning – with no basis whatsoever, Administrative Committee calls upon Djurovic to declare himself. Considering the so far action of this body, we have no dilemma that Committee is preparing itself for initiating proceeding for dismissal of this member of the Council. By its action, except disrespect of the law, Administrative Committee, i.e. the ruling party with the majority in this body, demonstrates force by derogating even official decisions of other institutions in the country – in this case, Agency for Prevention of Corruption, but also by directly jeopardizing independency of public service RTCG.

Initiating proceedings for dismissal of Goran Djurovic would represent a brutal violation of the law for the aforementioned reasons. We have warned about this plan of the Administrative Committee in our reaction in October, while Committee, unfortunately, rather quickly affirmed our suspicions that this is merely an intention to remove free-minded activists of the non-governmental sector from Council of RTCG and establish party control over public service RTCG.

We express concern that ultimate political clash of the ruling party with independent members of the Council of RTCG has begun. For the purpose of this clash, the means are not being chosen any longer, thus, for the purpose of achieving this goal, pro-regime media and institutions have been put into operation.

We expect that national and especially international interested public will follow all further occurrences in regards to pressures on the Council of RTCG and clear attempts to destabilize public service RTCG.

Ana Novakovic, Executive Director, Centre for Development of Non-Governmental Organizations (CDNGO)

Daliborka Uljarevic, Executive Director, Centre for Civic Education (CCE)

Stevo Muk, President of MB, Institute alternative (IA)

Zlatko Vujovic, President of MB, Centre for Monitoring and Research (CEMI)

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