Interviews for Managerial Positions in the State Administration: Far from Competency Assessments

The subject of this analysis are public competitions for managerial positions in the Montenegrin state administration, with a special focus on the competence check, which should be carried out in relation to the previously established framework - which includes innovation, leadership, results-orientation, communication, and cooperation.

Failure to issue minutes of interviews conducted with candidates for such positions is a limiting methodological factor in the assessment of procedures and their application in practice. However, we were able to review the reports on the verification of knowledge, abilities, competences, and skills with key questions and evaluations given by members during interviews, as part of the procedure of public competitions, conducted in the period between September 2022 and September 2023. Therefore, this analysis is a unique opportunity to present to the general public what it looks like in practice, but also how the institute of follow-up interviews, which is conducted before making the final decision on the selection, works.

The reports we have seen show that competency assessments have not taken root, which points to the need to further strengthen the capacities of all state authorities and the Human Resources Administration, in order to apply the competency framework as a tool that can help establish a system of merit-based recruitment.

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