IA at DGAP’s Train Alumni Conference

Jovana Marović, IA’s research coordinator and our policy analyst Marko Sošić, participated in the TRAIN programme (Think Tanks Providing Research and Advice through Interaction and Networking) Alumni Conference, organized by the German Council for Foreign Relations (DGAP) in Berlin from 27 to 30 June.

The purpose of the conference was a gathering of TRAIN alumni in order to share their experiences, info on new projects and planning of future activities (maintenance of a network of alumni).

During the conference, Jovana had a presentation in the panel “Building coalitions – cooperation at the national and cross-border level”, regarding the participation of NGO representatives in the Montenegro’s EU accession negotiation structure and about the coalition of NGOs monitoring negotiations in the framework of Chapter 23.

In the framework of the panel “Transparency, good governance and the fight against corruption,” Marko presented our project “Monitoring of local budgets” and our portal with visualization of local budgets, mojgrad.me

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