Good practices in citizens’ participation in the local budgetary process

IA’s researcher, Marko Sošić, participated at the round table “Good practices of citizen participation in the budget process at the local level”, organized by the European Movement in Serbia, in Belgrade, on 21 June. At the roundtable, the research paper entitled “Citizen participation in the budget process at the local level,” whose authors Zvonko Brnjas and Milica Radovanovic Dumonjić was presented.

As part of the roundtable, whose participants were representatives of local governments of Serbia and NGOs dealing with issues related to local finance, Marko spoke on “Citizen involvement in the budget process at the local level – the experience of Montenegro.” During the presentation, there were words about our new web site,, with a visualization of data related to local budgets, which was prepared in the framework of the project “Monitoring of local budgets in Montenegro.”

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