EU Integration and Party Politics in the Balkans

European Policy Centre, a Brussel-based think tank, has just published a study “EU integration and party politics in the Balkans”, with contribution from IA’s Jovana Marović and Marko Sošić (Chapter on Montenegro: “European Integration and Party Politics in Montenegro”).

This study highlights the interplay between EU integration and national politics in the region, and that both are consequential for the quality of Balkan democracies, as well as reminiscent of the Western and Central and Eastern European experience. Distrust in representative institutions and disengagement from political life runs dramatically high among the people of the Balkan countries, and this generalised sense of dissatisfaction is starting to breed cynicism also towards the idea of a better future inside the Union.

Apart from Montenegro, the study contains chapters on Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides IA’s Jovana Marović and Marko Sošić, authors of the study are EPC’s Corina Stratulat as well as Igor Bandović, Odeta Barbullushi, Simonida Kacarska, Andrew Konitzer, Marko Vujačić and Bodo Weber.

Read the entire study here

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