Debate on the Report of the Commission for Control of Public Procurements

Our research coordinator, Jovana Marović, participated at the 70th meeting of the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget. At this session, in accordance with the Article 142 of the Law on Public Procurement, the Committee considered the 2013 Performance Report of the State Commission for Supervision of Public Procurement Procedure. Jovana pointed out that the State Commission cannot be analyzed separately from the systemic problems in the area of public procurements related to the poor control over the implementation of procedures and public procurement contracts, lack of accountability for violations of legal provision, and lack of transparency. She noted that the proposed amendments to the Law on Public Procurement, which should enter parliamentary procedure soon, contain a number of problematic solutions, especially when it comes to the work of the State Commission. Therefore, these amendments should be improved through amendment procedure in the Parliament.

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