DCAF Young faces network – Workshop in Zagreb

Public Policy Researcher in Institute Alternative, Dina Bajramspahic, participated in a DCAF’s program – Young Faces Network 2012, in the workshop entitled “Oversight of the collection of information by the intelligence services” held on 11th and 12th December in Zagreb.

This is the second workshop as part of this program, organized by the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF). Participants of the program were the counselors from 9 countries in Eastern Europe working in surveillance services and representatives of think tanks that deal with security and defence.

The workshop consisted of nine sessions that covered issues such as:

  • targeting and prioritizing the collection of information;
  • difference between the police and intelligence service;
  • forms and methods of gathering information;
  • approval of information collection;
  • Analysis of the collected material;
  • use of the collected material – inform policy decisions; submission of information to the police and prosecution, exchange of information with foreign intelligence services, the use of personal data;
  • Outsourcing: How much information can be collected by non-state actors, and the role of private security companies?
  • ex post evaluation of measures;
  • appeal in case of abuse.

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