Conference ’’Public Administration – What Is (Not) Reformed?’’

Institute Alternative organised a conference ’’Public Administration – What Is (Not) Reformed?’’, within the project ’’For Better Public Administration Reform’’, financed by European Union as part of sector budget support for public administration reform in Montenegro.

The conference was organised with the aim of presenting the key preliminary findings of monitoring the implementation of public administration reform and improvement of dialogue among various governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.

Monitoring of public administration reform, conducted by Institute Alternative during this year, is primarily focused on issues of the system of public officials, ie employment and promotion, accountability and organization of the state administration, as well as services provided by the public administration.

The introductory remarks were made by Marija Hajduković, representative of the Ministry of Public Administration and Eleonora Formagnana, representative of the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.

Stevo Muk, president of the Managing Board at IA and Marko Sošić, public policy researcher at IA, presented key results of monitoring and research. Representatives of over 50 different state authorities, control and oversight institutions, non-governmental organizations, trade unions, embassies and international organizations took part in the conference.

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