Condemnation of the incidents

We condemn all incidents, threats and any behaviour that endangers other individuals and groups, or produces their felling of vulnerability.

Any kind of revenge against citizens, parties or organisations which are considered defeated in the elections is unacceptable.

Incidents and threats must be prosecuted no matter are they the result of authentic bad intentions of individuals or groups, or they are intention of others to provoke a feeling of vulnerability in order to achieve some political goals.

We urge the Police Administration and the Prosecutor’s Office to proactively prosecute the perpetrators of all incidents, ensure public order and peace, and continue to do their job in accordance with the laws stipulating their competencies and rules of conduct.

Institutions are those whose responsibility is to urgently establish the institutional truth in each event and to inform the public in a credible manner, thus preventing the spread of false news.

If the state authorities passively observe the incidents, it can be suspected that the policy which was set by their leaderships could use the social situation that these incidents produce.

Such passive behaviour represents an abuse of power and public function, in the same way as extensive and disproportionate (ab)use of those powers, which we have witnessed in recent years.

The current government and heads of state institutions have political and professional responsibility until the establishment of a new government.

Stevo Muk,

President of the Managing Board at Institute Alternative

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