Comments on the draft Law on Administrative Inspection

President of the Managing Board of Institute Alternative, Stevo Muk, participated at the roundtable on the Draft Law on Administrative Inspection, organized by the Ministry of Interior on September 11, 2014. On this occasion, he presented a series of comments and suggestions to the Draft Law and pointed out to some of the questions that remain open in regulation of this matter.

The central issue is the status of Administrative Inspection in the organization of administration and the scope of its competences, especially when it comes to relationship between Administrative Inspection and other branches of government and local government. It is necessary to define more closely the records kept by the Administrative Inspection, which is the basis for preparation of quality performance reports. However, drafting of these reports was not foreseen by this Law. Modeled on the Croatian legal solutions, the obligation of cooperation between Administrative Inspection and other authorities needs to be defined and for us especially important is the cooperation between Administrative Inspection and the State Audit Institution.

Our comments can be accessed here (in Montenegrin only).

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