Chief State Prosecutor to publish the investigation findings in the case of beating Martinović

Five non-governmental organisations – Institute alternative, Human Rights Action, Juventas, Women’s Rights Center and Montenegrin LGBTIQ Association “Queer Montenegro” have sent a letter addressed to Ivica Stanković, Chief State Prosecutor, with the request to urgently and objectively investigate the cases of police brutality.

Having in mind all published evidences of police brutality, especially after the recording of the brutal beating of Miodrag Martinović and destroying of his vehicle, which was published on Sunday, October 10th 2015 and, thus, presented to Montenegrin citizens, Police and to the Prosecutor’s Office, we expect the Chief State Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the cases, urgently and in objective manner, prioritizing the case of beating of Miodrag Martinović, and to publish the names of the police officers who are suspected as responsible for these acts as soon as possible.

If the Police Administration does not cooperate with the Prosecutor’s Office in investigating who is responsible for the beating of Martinović and who is responsible for ordering, abetting and/or assisting in the execution of this act, as it was the case earlier in some of the cases of police torture which have remained unpunished, we expect from the Chief State Prosecutor to immediately inform the Government and the citizens of Montenegro about it as well as to initiate the procedure against those in the Police Administration who are, following the line of command, directly responsible for the inefficacy of the investigation.

The beating of Martinović has happened in Jovana Tomaševića Street, in the place only hundred meters away from the Police Administration building, as evidences by video and photo recordings of this act which have been delivered to the Chief State Prosecutor by the Council for the Civic Control of the Police. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that the public has already been informed on the findings of the investigation, especially since it comes to determination of the identities of those employed in the Police Administration and therefore, their movement should be officially recorded.

Association of citizens that we represent are concerned to put an end to the tolerance of the torture by the police officers and not to allow “bullies” in the Police to remain unpunished, which would further cause more shame to the vast majority of professionals in the Police and to Montenegro as a whole, while the cases of torture sink into obsolescence.

Tea GORJANC-PRELEVIĆ, Executive Director, NGO Human Rights Action
Ivana VUJOVIĆ, Executive Director, NGO Juventas
Maja RAIČEVIĆ, Executive Director, NGO Women’s Rights Centre
Danijel KALEZIĆ, President of the Managing board, Montenegrin LGBTIQ Association “Queer Montenegro“
Stevo MUK, President of the Managing board, NGO Institute alternative

The letter in its entirety can be read here (only in Montenegrin)

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