Call for Graduates: Work and Learn with us

Institute Alternative (IA) created opportunity for five graduation students to make their first work experience dealing with public policies in our team of researchers.

Professional Training Programme is designed for all graduates with no work experience in certain level of education, which are registered by Employment Agency of Montenegro. Programme lasts for nine months and its recognised as work experience in duration of one year.

If you have a personal interest towards the topics in area of:

  • Rule of law
  • Security and defence
  • Public finances reform
  • Public administration reform

And if you are:

  • Political scientist, (International relations department)
  • Sociologist
  • Jurist (2)
  • English translator

you can apply to work with us.

Applications are open from October 19 to November 19. The application procedure is simple and you can find it by clicking on the link:

Our engagement in these areas consists of pointing out problems, opening issues of public interest, monitoring process of reforms and giving recommendations for improvement. Through the recommendations we affect decision makers in order to improve policies important for the life of citizens of Montenegro. We monitor important processes in society and fight for changes that will ensure better, more responsible, more transparent work of state bodies that will work in the interest of their citizens.

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