Balkan Security Platform formally established

Representatives of six civil society organizations signed the founding act of the „Balkan Security Platform” in the library of the Belgrade Center for Security Policy on March 7, 2016.

Balkan Security Platform is founded by:

The main objectives of the Balkan Security Platform are:

  1. to increase the role of civil society and citizens by strengthening external oversight of the security sector in the Balkans;
  2. expansion of the civil society network to strengthen cooperation in analyzing, monitoring and advocating good governance of security policy and security sector reform;
  3. empowerment of citizens, institutions, regional initiatives and partners across Europe to apply tools which ensure security sector reform;
  4. ensuring greater commitment to integrity in the Balkans.

This initiative is the result of the cooperation that started seven years ago, which is marked by constant activities to improve research methodologies and to develop a broader impact on security cooperation in the region.

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