About Contest for digital solution for TV Show NGO sector

Dragana Jaćimović, project associate at Institute Alternative, presented Contest for digital solution for citizen participation for the TV show NGO sector. The contest is organised by Institute Alternative with partners within the You4EU project.

In this TV show, answers were given to these questions:

🔘What are we looking for in this competition?
🔘Who can apply and how?
🔘 What are the main criteria and what is important to note?
🔘 Award for the winning digital solution?

Answers to these and other questions related to competition can be found in the

During the last week, Dragana Jaćimović also presented all details about contest for TV Show Boje jutra on TV Vijesti. You can find the feature on this link: Boje jutra – Konkurs: digitalno rješenje koje podstiče aktivizam građana.


Institute Alternative is organising the Contest together with partnering organisations from Croatia (Gong), Serbia (Belgrade Open School), Slovenia (PiNA) and Spain (Access Info Europe) within the Project „YOU4EU – Citizen Participation 2.0“. The Project lasts from September 2018 until February 2020 with the support of the European Union within the Europe for Citizens Programme.

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